Last Image

The last image taken on my phone When the weather app was telling me this seconds ago Though both were accurate as the sun would be shining – above the clouds.


Red’s plan worked. Gullible Wolf kills Granny. Unwitting boyfriend, Woodsman, kills Wolf. Clearing the path to Granny’s fortune. Red kissed Woodsman, kicked Wolf’s body to be sure, oblivious that eyes were peering in on them both. For Wolf told his friends where he was going. The whole pack of them.

Secret Mission

‘Okay, Dr Diabolos, how did you know I was here?’ ‘My dear Agent Zed, never update your whereabouts on Facebook stating you are on a¬†secret mission.’ Dropping Agent Zed into the shark pit, Dr Diabolos sighed with the knowledge that they did not make agents like they used to.

That’s Twittertainment!

It has been a long time since I have written something up on this blog, though it isn’t to say that I haven’t been writing. Since the beginning of August, I have been active on my Twitter account more than I do. I tend to use my Twitter account for following events and news items…

I Fear Myself for Being Fearless

The question being asked in today’s daily prompt is what it would be like never to fear. As I said, I would fear myself if I was always fearless. Sure, my life would seem adventurous at first – taking more chances in life and not worrying about the consequences. Running, jumping, climbing and leaping without…