Since I wish tae restart this blog thingy I though’ it wid be a guid idea tae…


Excuse me…..

Allow me to start again, old sport (sportette?). Welcome to my aboot page….ABOUT! ABOUT page.

Here you will find that I am a supposed to tell you something about myself. Unfortunately, you are more likely to find that I haven’t added or given you much to go on. You see, old (young?) sport, I don’t really know much about what should go here. This here blog item is something more of a personal experiment.

Between you and me – and the board of English exam paper markers – I didn’t fair too well in the subject. It has taken a fellow like me to have an appreciation of the English style and writing over a couple of decades in my own personal development. This blog is an aid to a means to allow me to help – and allow someone like you, old sport (including you Marshborn Crusties) to visit and make constructive criticisms.

So, please do feel free to look around at the many things I will post including films, attempts at story telling and board gaming.

Aw, in case ye were windering – I wis brae in tha Scots Dialect.

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