That’s Twittertainment!

It has been a long time since I have written something up on this blog, though it isn’t to say that I haven’t been writing.

Since the beginning of August, I have been active on my Twitter account more than I do.

I tend to use my Twitter account for following events and news items on what is happening.

Best laid plans…

Mid-July to the beginning of the month, I took my car to work. I found myself monitoring local news and traffic reports tweets in order to find out on what would be the best times to finish work and get home with minimum fuss.

When the Fringe was on, I managed to find couple of good shows that I wouldn’t have bothered seeing or more likely have missed if it was not for the promotion of retweets from people that I consider having a good view judgement. This made for an entertaining time when I was off without harming my wallet too much.

Memories from the Past

One of the events, which is still going at the time of writing, is following the #RPGaDay where a question is asked relating to Role Playing Games. This had stirred up memories of the games that I had played and sharing them with strangers. They, too, had their own tales to tell of dice and books.


I took part in my first tweet-a-long to a film that I loved.

Sitting in my flat, on my own. I put in the #TheRaid2 Blu Ray and pressed play at the time with my iPad at hand. It was great fun, many people were gathering and tweeting along at the near same points of the movie. It was like having a group of friends round, even though they were complete strangers, and having a great time at our favourite parts.

Of course, it did have slight drawbacks as I was taking my time away from the screen to write something up. Thankfully, I had seen the film enough times to know what I had missed.

Aesop’s Tweets

Part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, there was a little story game each day where one word was given as the theme and you had to write a very short story connected to it.

I found it challenging given the restriction on characters with spaces (especially when you had to include #StoryShop you were left with 129)

Nevertheless, I gave it a go and surprised myself with some of the stories I came up with. Even the bad ones that I wrote are still worth keeping as there is a story that sits behind them.

In addition, I enjoyed reading others who took up the challenge even those seasoned writers taking part with #ThePush. It gave me more people to follow and read their work.

Well, back to work and maybe the opportunity to write some more posts later on…


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