I Fear Myself for Being Fearless

The question being asked in today’s daily prompt is what it would be like never to fear.

As I said, I would fear myself if I was always fearless.

Sure, my life would seem adventurous at first – taking more chances in life and not worrying about the consequences.

Running, jumping, climbing and leaping without a care in the world – laughing and oblivious to the blindness that is within me.

I would not understand why others around me – friends, family and strangers – seemed concerned and not take the chance on what should be the norm of life.

Watching horror movies would become dumb of course as I don’t get why you have to jump because of a sudden loud noise or the point of going boo!

Plus what is the deal with spiders, closed spaces, heights and war with everyone? Yeah, it is bad but if it happens, it happens.

Here in my fearless life, I can do more like gamble my money without having to fear debt and troubles it will bring.

I can take more reckless actions in my physical being and to those around me because I do not fear the harm that will come and those around me should enjoy life more.

Having the capability to fear is a fantastic thing –

Fear of loss to a loved one can bring us closer to them while they are around and appreciate them more.

Fear of harm can create a safer environment and make us more aware to the dangers around us.

Fear of war can makes us value what peace can bring.

Fear of the unknown can help us prepare better for the future.

And fear of spiders? Well, errr…… It makes us appreciate the value of having a rolled up newspaper around the place. Splat!


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