Day Ten – House of Magic, Soul, Joe and A Most Wanted Man

A rushed Saturday, there is a lot to do and a lot to prepare for.

Farmer’s Market to stockpile over the next two weeks, home then back again.

I have a mice and men plan to go to the other side of Edinburgh to a particular shop to hunt for a particular book that hasn’t been published.

Time to get back on schedule with an opportunity to grab Dylan Thomas on the way.

Avoiding the increase number of hand luggage cases, I grab a coffee, water and 3D glasses for the House of Magic screening. There is a lot of people, it makes good though not wow of the stereoscopic animation when compared to the fraction of the cost with other businesses. A very technical Q&A makes this feel more like the festival is on rather than a regular screening – that feeling isn’t to last long.

Out the door, down the stairs and straight to the other venue to queue for Soul which is nearly delayed by that Chris Fujiwara’s enthusiasm in the previous film’s screening. Projector gives a image of control with a few laughs from my fellow audience goers at the right place.

Time to go back to where I saw my first film and head back up stairs for seeing Joe with each character having their own problems, Nicholas Cage is good but I have seen better.

Credits roll and so do I back to the other venue – getting my exercise today.

Last is A Most Wanted Man and I most want it to be a good ending to my film festival day. Making my way past the pile of backpacks near the entrance door, I find that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman does not disappoint me even though I know how it will end, I can relate all too well to the character.

A bus ride home with Dylan Thomas for company. Tomorrow feels empty already.


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