Day Nine – Dick Miller, Two Fullers, Letter to the King and Disappearance

Taking the bus into the centre for a longer day at the festival.

Not a lot of time to make meals so grab a soup and coffee at the bar while dipping more into Rum Punch. The bar is packed with lunchtime goers and film critics with their packed cases.

Then it is time for the first film That Guy Dick Miller with a biography of one of the recognisable cult faces in movies that stand out through his performance in any film. No Q&A in this session, that happen the night before – just as well as I have no good question and this man doesn’t tolerate fools.

A little break before the next film, a quick pint and rum punch then I slip back to the screening for the next film A Fuller Life. Presented in narrative dialogue told by those that worked with him whilst they smoked his cigars combined with personal archive footage shows me that you can never be too old to do new things. An offer on the Q&A with the director Samantha Fuller and to look at his book is presented, alas I have to change venues.

I make it in, little time to get anything and the grocery store en route didn’t have any manky sandwiches for me.

Letter to the King is a okay telling of refugees stories in Oslo but I feel that I have lost more by not staying at the Q&A.

I loiter around the venue as there is more time to my next film. Occasionally dipping into my Rum Punch. I flick to see that I near end of the book.

Time for the last film In Order of Disappearance where it takes it’s time with some scenes shown as you think it is like a Scandinavian thriller until the dark humour laughs its way in.

Giddy, I get to the end of Rum Punch all the way home.


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