Day Six – Elijah Wood, Brian Cox, Salt, more Elijah Wood and hearing me mime!

Wasn’t planning to be in earlier for the Edinburgh International Film Festival but Empire Magazine had a podcast session recorded live.

Into to Edinburgh I go. Uneventful bus trip in with more Rum Punch to keep me going.

Queue up as they want people in early. Enter the screening. Every chair has a copy of Empire Magazine on it, most people mumble that they had bought a copy. I take one and put it into my bag.

The hosts promise tac for anyone who answer their questions. I raise my hand, shout out the answer before anyone else and the prize goes to the second guy who shouts out two seconds after me. I refuse to play anymore.

The host comes up – gives instructions and moves on. The podcast begins with the middle as Brian Cox makes an appearance promoting the twentieth anniversary of some film or another that I haven’t seen nor have any interest to see.

The podcast roles on with jokes and film reviews. There a comments I agree and others I don’t.

Elijah Wood makes an appearance and goes crazy over a small bottle of Irn Bru.

Afterwards, I decide to mime as an audience member for the rest of the podcast.

The recording is over. Time to get to the next venue, through the rush hour traffic.

Get in and sit down to be told My Name is Salt.

It is a minimal dialogue film about a family that goes into the desert to harvest the salt – a labour intensive process that is unknown to the rest of us when we take up a small packet to sprinkle over chips done in harmony with the environment they live in.

A Q&A with the filmmaker is offered, I regret to stay as I shot out. I wanted to say beautiful documentary to the filmmaker on the way out but the lights come on and I am given the stare from the man next to her while she moves to the open floor.

Down the street and sneak in through the side door for my next film promising to Set Fire to the Stars.

It is a while to get in and the queue coils around the pillar and up the spiral stairs awaiting for their seats to rest. The cause of the delay – one Chris Fujiwara.

We all go in and sit down. The film shows only a few days between the poet Dylan Thomas and John Malcolm Brinnin who brought him to the USA.

It has metre.

Celyn Jones introduces Dylan Thomas to me that I want to go out and buy a book on his work.

Gruff Rhys music in the film is something that I want someone to bootleg to me now.

Elijah Wood raises John Malcolm Brinnin in the limelight where the film ends with a quote that I find myself in life right now.

I enjoy the experience that a film impacts upon me.

I go home. Time for a late night snack

There is spilt salt on my worktop. I sweep it up with care and sprinkle over my meal.

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