Day Seven – Darth, Boba Fett unmasked and Elijah Wood?

The postman lands a CR90 Corellian Transport at my door.


Jumping on a more appropriate transport to get me in with Rum Punch.

The people in their own transport are fleeing in an orderly fashion from the centre of Edinburgh on the road opposite.

Approach the roundabout – Domino box guy is here and age has a friend. Again, me and the driver ain’t fooled. There is no Dominos where we are going.

I disembark and move forward. There are more Domino Box guys on my planned flight path. I navigate my way through them with success and proceed up the road, weaving through the oncoming walkers. A man slugs his arm out to passersby hitting them with leaflets, I open up with a stare that recedes his arm to its position and zoom past.

A crowd is forming outside the base, I see the man at causing the disruption.

This man…


I force my through. One of his lackeys points his blaster at me, I feel safe as the blaster is direct at me and I know how well these guys can hit at point blank range.

Down a pint of courage I make my way up the stairs. It was needed as bagpipes haunt the stair well of an auld soundtrack of the past. A young child is caught in its tune and hums along, not even being partial deaf can save me from the torment.

Finally we get in. The film which readers of a magazine vote as the greatest film ever – The Empire Strikes Back though it has been edited. I know the differences, they do not spoil my mood.

After the cheer, Boba Fett makes and appearance. Answering questions from young and old about his past life.

Halfway through the interview, I see the opportunity to sneak past the hunter before he realises the price on my head.

Out to the street, across the road to hide in a theatre. I sit down and ..wait is this man following me. Elijah Wood appears. He talks a bouts his career and answers questions past the allocated time from many fans. It has to end, he has a flight and I have a bus.

Home time, not going to swing by the bar for a night cap.


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