Day Four – Koo! Paperclips and Snowpiercer

Sunday – a day of rest and I will need one after running to the first screening while being weighed down with eight rashers of oak smoked bacon, seven venison and fresh tomato sausages with two thick cut slices of oat and barley loaf.

First film up is a Russian animation where a Cellist and his DJ wannabe nephew get transported to another world in Koo! Kin-dza-dza (that was fun to say aloud over the phone when ordering tickets). When sitting down I was concerned that I might have made a mistake that the film wouldn’t translate too well but as it played through with good humour.

Rested and relaxed for the next film a surreal fantasy comedy in Anatomy of a Paper Clip from Japan where a former train driver with a stiff neck works at making paperclips by hand. There are laughs as the viewer gets drawn in to this slow pace world where he met an assortment of characters including a girls who appears in his apartment one day that speaks unintelligible. Something to watch when in the mood.

Then time to get ready for the finale, the one I have been waiting for since I heard about it from the last year’s EIFF – Snowpiercer. I even avoided buying movie review magazines and ignoring twitter comments on this film. This is over a year!

Rumours were circling around that the film might get cut and may never see the release in US and UK due to the distributor. Friends had seen it when they were overseas in Europe, someone posted up on the comments Strange film, very strange but what should you expect with a film based on a French graphic novel, directed by a Korean with a mixed nationality cast and Czech movie set.

I am hungry again – time enough to get to bar and back. Got pulled chicken and from the looks of the thin striplings, chicken didn’t want to be pulled.

Back over to the screening. Concerned there might be a queue. Nothing forming so I sit opposite Toothless who helps the girl at the entrance prevent them from getting in without a tick. See another face from the previous crowds talking to the girl at the entrance way. Don’t need to see his ticket to know what he is planning to watch.

He goes in along with his companions. I follow.

Looking at the seats I find one that places me at the front with a centre view that guarantees no-one is going to spoil my view by needing the loo for the over two hours of viewing.

The lights go down, silence settles and rustling ceases momentarily. The films roles for the UK premiere.

It begins with action and suspense proving the pot interesting unit the first tension breaks out and then Tilda Swinton makes an appearance putting everyone in their place and removing any previous fears I may have if I wasn’t going to enjoy the film. It continues to plough through and nothing goes off rail in my viewing experience until the final credits. I got to see and hear the whole thing.

Credits are cut short for a Q&A but I got nothing. Bus home feeling fulfilled.

Sleep digests. More films to see tomorrow.


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