Day Two – The Anomaly

Switch off the computer, lock the desk drawer and drain down the work phone battery.

The holidays begin.

Starting with a trip to The Anomaly produced, directed and featuring Noel Clarke.

A low budget British science fiction shot over five weeks with everyone working six days where Sunday is a day of fight club. Ambitious is a well-suited word to describe this film.

Again, it is contained, focusing on the action in one room as the protagonist, Ryan , goes from scene to scene slipping in and out of consciousness. Waking up to a different situation.

The fight scenes are, as said, ambitious for its budget and aren’t half bad – might be tad slower compared to over-budgeted Hollywood projected noise.

The film’s ambitions fall in the editing where there are a few gaffs trying to make the scene a place that it isn’t – say the lotto advert on the billboard and cut to the scene with the New York Police show up.

Still enough to consider the film as a biotech upgrade to the old cyberpunk films of the eighties and nineties despite the small buggy editing.

Something else bugs me about this film – is there an alternative way to present this film? Say, convert it into bite size pieces and distribute as webisodes to tell the story.


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