Day Three – Don Johnson, Norman McLaren, Intruders and Zombies!

Return to the farmers market.

Underneath the Castle, I wash down an Oink with water while a band encourage girls to take a walk on the wild side all while I bare my hairy knees.

Head towards the theatre for the first event of the day – to sit in the audience for the live interview of Don Johnson. The rest of the audience comes in, only a few dress up for the occasion while the rest of us are more relaxed in casual gears. I find my attire split fifty-fifty.

The interview was good – especially from a man who was down in London for a live show then back up for the Q&A. Don Johnson told stories, was showered with gifts from Holland and Italy.

I cross the street for Norman McLaren’s Now is the the Time where restored stereoscopic animation back some sixty or fifty years ago puts modern 3D works to shame. There is a story hidden to during the red menace time and a justice never quite corrected.

Then further move in for the film Intruders with the character wanting peace finds it difficult when people pester then start to disappear. Enough in the film to keep an interest though near predictable on where it is going.

Last film features something I have waited from after his last time at the EIFF – Alexandre O’Philippe’s Doc of the Dead. Taking the rise of the zombie culture in media, Alexandre O’Philippe signature style film making is on form making a fun documentary for hard core Zombie fans and those unaware of the culture behind the dead.

The Q&A has the man himself answering all sorts of questions and for the love of it – along with a little advertising for his fourth documentary.

Grab the bus home, tuck myself into bed and sleep until the next day events.



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