Day One – Let Us Prey

Dear Reader,

England played.

Liam Cunningham preyed.

All under the warmth of the day.

Brian O’Malley debut film Let Us Prey takes us to Inveree where Liam Cunningham pays a visit in a hundred and thirty five year old jacket.

Using atmospheric shots to build up suspense, keeping the shots contained the viewer can get the tension built up. Echoes and sounds of John Carpenter’s work.

The characters are stronger with the cast that play them. The plot doesn’t go where you think and there is a surprise near the end.

The director, cast and crew come on stage – the atmosphere in the cinema cools. Questions asked, answers given.

The one question appears Will there be a sequel? – does the film need a sequel, I do not believe it does there is enough to get the world. If a sequel should appear, it would have to be extraordinary expanding on the world like what Raid 2 did for Raid

The question that ought to have asked is – Would there be another film with the cast and crew working together? I hope they do.

So reader, prey upon this film…


This is part of Day 14 Writing 101


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