Day One – Finding Vivian Maier

The Filmhouse Recommends.

Step out from a meeting and walk through Princes Street, plan for one film, it was later in the evening. Plans change.

I arrive, shirt drenched in sweat. Too long until my film. Must find something. It was recommended on Facebook.

Finding Vivian Maier

I knew nothing of Vivian Maier other than what the blurb in the brochure – a nanny and a photographer. I buy a ticket and take my chance.

The film rolls up, images of people – faces I do not know. Then the story begins, a bid for negatives turning into the detective story of who was the photographer.

Once found the director sets out to build up the picture of Vivian Maier – why was she unknown, what could the causes be. Using photographs of her work, talking to the now grown children she cared for.

The image builds up.

The story goes on with hoarding newspapers and listening to audio tapes.

Hearing more and more about her and seeing her work – it might go further than just a lost work discovered, there is the human side and the question of how far we go when finding something about someone, does it make us intrusive into the lives of someone who wished to be private.

It was well recommended, I know more about Vivian Maier now than before I bought my ticket – maybe a little too much was found.

Combined this with Day 13 Writing 101 on ‘finding’ something

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