#edfilmfest Opening Night – Hyena

Walking along under the setting sun building up a sweat to go indoors for two hours.

Past the queue of guests and round the corner to the Festival Theatre for EIFF Opening night film Hyena.

There is only time for a quick beer and strawberry ice cream to cool me down.

The director, producers and crew come on stage – think of it like batman on acid


Was this the right film for opening the festival as the art director had said it was?

The reviews in the papers are mixed. The critics are…well critical.

The feel of the film with slo-mo, the lettering and even it’s poster have the feel of the eighties coming back.

The storyline is simple as is the characterisation though I can only find sympathy for one character.

Plot moves and it takes the time to build the tension. An abrupt end that stays either in frustration or curiousity.

There is enough to make this watchable. Possible for a second viewing.

The cast may seem out of their prime but there is something that fits with this film – perhaps that they are suited from the time they cannot move out from.

Batman on acid

No, this film isn’t. Though changes to a couple of the characters and plot including the ending might very will be.

That would be another film.

Too warm, who knew that the dragon of the north would visit Edinburgh and have it’s hat on.


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