Happy Empire Strikes Back Day!

Writing 101 Day Ten assignment is based upon picking a favourite food that meant celebration though I have put a little twist – instead of food, I have chosen a film that played a good part of my childhood – Empire Strikes Back.

Out of all the Star Wars films – this was the one most played whether on Betamax or VHS during Christmas or Birthdays.

It felt that nothing could change over time, when the parties were on the film would be playing. We would all be screaming in excitement and had the various vehicles and figures out to re-enact the scenes. It didn’t matter how many figures you had if one or two, as long as you had something you could join in to the games.

I re-call one time when the film was played at a friend’s birthday party – he had gotten the Millennium Falcon as one of his gifts. He hadn’t touched it – I took the opportunity to garb control of the ship  – escaping from Hoth, evading the Imperials and whooshing to Bespin.

What I had not realised at the time was instead of a group of us, I was the only around. The rest had gone to play something else, couldn’t tell you what it was as I split from the fleet.

That was the last time the film was played at a friend’s party.

Readers of Empire magazine voted Empire Strikes Back as the Greatest Film of All Time! There is a screening during this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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