Coming soon…

Real soon.

There are warnings. In the streets, on the buses – even some of the papers carry the stories if you pay attention enough.

The social media has not gone untouched. Posts cry out across Facebook and Twitter if you look hard enough.

They are coming. Some are here already. They have something to show us if we let them, if we pay attention.

There is a reminder in my hallway.

I have been preparing myself, getting ready. Unlike the past three years where it has caught me out. I didn’t train myself well but each year I have been improving little by little.

Last year I got half way.

This year, I will get through it – I will blog about the ten days at Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) 2014.

Ten things on how to survive ten days at the Edinburgh International FIlm Festival

For the past four years, I have been attending the EIFF where I watch at least one film each day. I had attempted to blog about each film and about the fifth day I found it too much though it didn’t stop me from enjoying the films. Here is how I get through it –

  1. Pick Films in advance – I have the advantage of being a member that I can book in advance before the films go on sale to the public. I decide based on the days I am going, relying on the blurb in the film brochure to see what takes my fancy.
  2. Ten minutes before – There are no adverts so films start prompt on the time stated. Get there early as not to disturb other film goers.
  3. Route Planner – If seeing more than one film in a day, keep an eye on where the next one is being screened – plan your trip as it takes up time to get to locations depending on where you are going. Remember Two.
  4. If popular, buy now – Popular films with well known names or guests attending will sell out fast so if you want to see them you need to get in there fast.
  5. Don’t know, just ask – If you are unsure what is available or have a time for another screening, you can always ask the staff for suggestion on what to watch
  6. Out of the Comfort Zone – EIFF offers the opportunity to watch great films along with the chance to see films you would not normal – shorts, animation (McLaren Awared) and experimental (Black Box) – you can even watch live performances associated with film
  7. Sandwiches – If jumping between films especially back to back, you might not have much time for big meals so sandwiches can be handy and they are more quieter than popcorn (and smell nicer too!)
  8. Third time round – If there is a popular film that gets sold out or you wanted to see something but it conflicted with another film, keep an eye out for the  Best of the Fest as it could give you the opportunity to catch up.
  9. Quiet Please – if waiting for a film, remember to keep the noise down in the queue. It is just good manners.
  10. Talk about it – whether on the EIFF forums, Twitter, Facebook or blogging – talk about the films you have seen. Writing a blog can help others know what you have seen and if it is anything like what I have written in the past it will give confidence to film critics (current and future) that their jobs are safe!

This post is partially inspired from Day Twelve Writing101 assignment and then there is the How to from the daily post suggestions


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