Why Cry?

Tom Jackson’s Story –

I don’t quite know what came over me yesterday, the day started of fine. The weather was beautiful, sun shining combined with a gentle breeze made even better by having the day off from work.

Not to let the day go to waste, I convinced Sarah, my girlfriend, that it would be a good idea to head down to the park.

It didn’t take too much convincing, she seemed glad to get away from her work. Perhaps it was the heat, the air conditioning has been on the blink.

We headed down, it appeared that I wasn’t the only one who had the same idea to get out of their homes – the park was full of kids on bikes and swings, dogs chasing sticks, rollerbladers weaving between push prams and suits.

Sarah was lost in though, I presumed it was to do with her work. I took her hand and smiled at her, she looked up and managed a little smiled back at me.

She went back to her thoughts mumbling away, I couldn’t hear her words so i let her continue on.

We strolled along the path, I couldn’t get over the sights I was seeing.

There were rolled up shirt sleeves sharing their sandwiches with the ducks letting their mobile phones vibrate away.

A man on the edge of the bench forcing his nose in to the book he was reading.

Girls with oversized sunglasses for eyes lounging on the grass and grey squirrels pulling off garage bin heists and bouncing their getaway up the trees.

The last thing I remember was seeing this old woman along at the bench knitting, I think, a sweater, she seemed familar.

She spotted me and smiled. It made me feel uncomfortable.

Next, I see a flash of red and then I black out. By the time I come back round I find myself on my knees, my cheeks flushed from warmth and my hands wet.

Sarah was shouting at me calling me ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘how could I?’, she then ran away.

Whatever happened to me gathered a lot of attention from the other people in the park, I got up and chased after Sarah.

Come to think of it, never saw that old woman when I got back up.

Sarah Parker’s Story

What a jerk! How could he behave like that with everyone watching.

Okay, let me start back to the morning. There is this paper I am trying to finish for my class I had plans to work on it for the day but I had other things on my mind. I’m  late and to top things off, I threw up this morning. Not that he noticed, he was still in his bed and didn’t get up until after I cleaned up.

I decided to focus on my work but all I could think – was I? how would he react if I was. It was impossible to get anything done.

I must have been oblivious to my surroundings as Tom was standing next to me asking if I wanted to go down to the park as it was a fantastic day. Since I wasn’t getting anything done, I agreed.

Tom was right that it was a beautiful day which meant that the park was crowded. I looked around seeing the people laze their way around the park, nothing better to do and no paper to complete. It must be great to sit on the bench on lie on the grass without a care in the world.

I wasn’t sure if I should tell Tom about what happened this morning and trying to think on my work to forget about it until I contacted the Doctor to be sure. I heard one of the babies cry and saw that their mother picked the baby up, sat on the bench and rocked the baby’s cries away while the father cuddled up to the mother hushing at the baby. I wondered if that could be me and Tom, then Tom took my hand and smiled at me – was he thinking the same thing? I mean to be a family.

There was only one way to be sure, not wanting to be distracted by everything going on around me I stared at the ground and started talking about families for a while and then I got round to asking if he wanted to have a family.

He let go of my hand and dropped to the ground – crying. I was shocked. Didn’t know what was happening. I asked him what he was doing but he just kept crying. At first I thought it was a joke – in poor taste. But he kept crying and drawing attention from others in the park, I remember this old woman standing next to me – she must have been on the nearby bench. She looked down at him in disgust, like me she wasn’t impressed by his antics.

I got angry, him a grown man too just crying and not answering me. I started screaming and then left.

Margaret Wetherby’s Story

I am a patient woman, the lord taught me that.

With patient and prayer, the right circumstances will present themselves.

I had seen him in the park before, jogging or walking back. I didn’t know where he lived but I knew he sometimes came to the park.

I took my knitting, I was knit that sweater that my granddaughter wore when she was twelve.

I wasn’t too sure which route he would go in the park so I had to pick a different spot each time to see him

The lord shined well that day, it was a sign that he was going to deliver him to me to give my chance for revenge.

There was quite an audience gathering in the park obviously the lord brought them to witness my revenge. Young and old, man and woman, from all backgrounds were in the park that day.

Just as I was completing the sweater, he came round the corner holding another woman’s hand – the poor girl! I smiled at the lord for delivering him to me.

the lord made him remember he broke down started crying.

I got up and looked down at him, he wasn’t going to forget anymore. His girlfriend was so disgusted by his past action she cursed him – I said nothing. I turned around and walked away, the lord helped me. After all why should he forget that he pushed my granddaughter down on the ground where she knocked her head – she never woke up and the poor Lord had to take her early while he got to forget and live a normal life.

He will not forget anymore. I will not let him and if he ever forgets again – I will make him remember again.


This assignment was based upon Writing101 Day Nine assignment

Part of Day Eight assignment was Adverb Assassination – If you see an adverb in this post call it out in the comments.


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