Only a Game – Draft 1

SCENE ONE: ALEX gets on board a busy bus after a long day at work, ALEX pays his fare to the DRIVER and sits on only seat available next to BERT who is reading the paper

BERT: Hey pal, have you seen this. What a game. Hey there pal.

ALEX: Not interested

BERT: Eh, how can you say that? Was it your team that lost?

ALEX: Look, I am not interested

BERT: Come on, it wasn’t that bad. Both sides played well.

ALEX: I told you I am not interested.

BERT: You aren’t one of those that don’t like football. How can a bloke not like football?

ALEX: Now what is that remark supposed to mean.

BERT: Well the blokes that I know that don’t like football were the ones that didn’t get picked on the teams at school.

ALEX: Let me get this straight. Just because I didn’t want to talk about football you have a presumption that the cause comes from a childhood experience for not being picked during a lunchtime kick about.

BERT: I am only saying, there is no need to get huffy. I mean I was only asking, you could just said nothing.

ALEX: Huffy? You think that it just because I don’t want to talk about football it doesn’t make me a bloke.

BERT: Now look, I didn’t say any such thing.

ALEX: No but I see it in your eyes that your thinking it.

BERT: Now steady on, calm down. After all it is only a game.

ALEX: Only a game? Tell me this, why is it that the folk that watch it forget that is only a game. They spend their time getting tanked up so that they hurl insults and fists just because the other guy is wearing nothing more than a different coloured shirt. Doesn’t sound like a game I would play in.

BERT: Hold on, now don’t associate the game or me with a small bunch of hooligans. It out of the clubs and the fans control on what a small-minded bunch of people do.

ALEX: Oh really, I don’t see much calling out from them about it. Too busy crashing their over-priced sports cars from the cash that the fans threw at them despite complaining that they couldn’t kick the ball to save themselves last week.

BERT: Hang on, there is much more to it than that. Some of those players do call it out and they spend their time to encourage the kids to get healthy. Again, that is only a small number of people you are talking about.

ALEX: Some encouragement, ‘Hey kids, if you keep kicking a ball long enough you might just be like me. Never mind the other stuff that’s out there in life. Don’t worry about the odds that you are more likely not to get picked.’ Rubbish.

DRIVER: Hey, keep it down back there.

BERT: It’s not like that, there are other benefits like the corporate money sponsorships that help the schools and that. Anyway every kid has a dream playing for their team it was part of growing up. I now that I did.

ALEX: How is that dream holding up for you. Think you might want to cut down on the pork pies.

BERT: That’s uncalled for.

ALEX: As for those benefits, have you looked at your sponsors – fizzy pop, junk food and chocolate – sure that’s the stuff a growing kid needs to make him an all-star player. Aye, right!

BERT: If I knew you were going be an idiot about this I would have brought it up. At least there are other folk out there that would enjoy a good game.

ALEX: That wouldn’t be the same folk that would bunk of early, leaving their co-workers stuck to pick up their slack so they can watch it in a pub with some guys being loud for the ninety minutes of play. When it comes to the pay review at the end of the year they have the cheek to complain that they ought have more than those that worked harder than them.

DRIVER: Okay, I am not going to as a third time so keep the noise down back there.

ALEX: It’s alright driver, I am getting off here [ALEX presses the button to stop]

BERT: Sorry pal that you hate football but that is no excuse to talk to other folk like that. You ought to keep your opinions to yourself.

ALEX: Hate football? You haven’t listened to a word I said. I don’t hate football. Oh and for your information, you would have know that if you saw me back in my childhood day captain my team to win the school’s championship. Pal!

This is a experiment trying to create a fictional dialogue sparking conflict. It is part of Writing 101 Day Seven assignment (published on day eight). 

Also there is a poll with the guarantee to win no vouchers at all



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