Need For Inspiration

Day Six Writing 101 task feels like a difficult one as no one immediately comes to mind who has inspired me over the past year – there have been people who have encouraged me or have stated a word that caused a spark in the mind to go and do something.

Whether they be brief words exchanged after waiting in a queue for a book to signed or talking through a projected image on screen just at that moment in my life when I need to hear them.

Whether they are living or long gone. Human or animal. Known or a complete stranger. I find something in someone (or something).

Rather than try and focus on something I have let my mind go through a list of people of have inspired me (real or not) and how –

Mark Kermode – for suggesting to me on copying out The Great Gatsby like Hunter S Thompson did to learn the flow of writing (this is a task I am still working on today) that helped in many a long page report at work

Neil Gaiman – for getting me to focus on my oratory skill when I observed him talking to audiences at events plus reminding me about my own childhood long past that it wasn’t all bad as I thought

Dirk Maggs – for producing audio radio plays that show when you collaborate together on a project you can create something wonderful

All the code breakers at Bletchley Park – for reminding me that is about the task at hand

Jenny Bae and Julie Okrusko  – for playing music that helps fill my imagination with images in order to get me through the bad days

The Cat That Listens to Her Owner – for challenging my preconceived ideas on things so I can adjust them

Sherlock Holmes and Columbo – for building up the inquisitive mind and that there is always one more question to ask no matter how late

The Creator of the Spitfire – for keeping to reach for something out of my grasp in the belief that one day I will get it

To those enemies that shall not be named – making me not to be like them so I can better myself

To those that I work with – for calling out in what I cannot see in myself

My Parents  – who let me be the person that I am today and encourage me to be happy in life


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