DVD Cover Lies…

Until the weekend is over and Writing 101 picks up still continuing to use today’s Daily Prompt but adding a little twist on DVD covers than book.

In my collection of over one thousand and five hundred DVD, there are a minority that were bought based upon the DVD cover due to not knowing anything about the film beforehand.

I didn’t read any reviews in magazines and some of those were bought to me having mobile internet access. The only thing I had to go on was the blurb on the back and the front cover, after checking the last two the final decision to purchase said film was the price lwhere it was usually less than a fiver.

Cheapo horror films are the worst culprits – especially on zombie films. The cover would potray the leads in the centre and in the background there would be hundreds of zombies ready to pounce with a military helicopter flying above.

When you come to watch the film, you see that there is only a handful of the creatures that got the short end of the straw to eliminate the bad actors (even for a low budget flick). As for the helicopter, there isn’t one – not even a shot of some random on caught on camcorder as it flew by.

Low budget war films are also collaborators to the lies so that you may buy – pictures on the cover sowing battle scenes as a platoon of tanks rush on the heroes position. Though in the actual film, there isn’t one tank or if there is, it seldom moves. As for the battle scenes, it is more of a rumble between two guys in different uniforms trying not to damage the threads so they can get the security deposit back after shorting the film.

These days I can thank the movie app on my mobile phone to avoid such films on the cheap side of the DVD rack.



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