A Million Bucks..

While I await for the Day Six Writing 101 prompt, thought I would handle the Daily Post to practise with using just over fifteen minutes…

A million bucks, now there is few quid!

Let’s start by wiping the slate clean, getting rid of the debts and freeing up my mind.

Spreading a little to help my family out too, then with what is left would allow a customised holiday.

Heading over to the countries on my left, there a trip to the Big Apple and roll down that certain avenue.

Then journey over the border to Tortonto to catch a few plays live I previously listened to on podcast audio.

I would plan the trip down pretending to smuggle booze to the Windy City and follow long-gone gangsters around.

A train journey next and head out west to see a hole in the ground and hold up some stage coaches.

Getting onboard to Los Angeles reliving some sunset noir before driving up north to go over the Golden Gate bridge with the ghost of Steve McQueen.

I want to fly over to the land of the setting sun.

Visit the city where a man in a rubber costume used his breathe to knock the government towers down.

Find the places where Toshiro Mifune (thirty going onto to forty just like me) drew a sword in a blink of an eye.

Then there is the studio where that robot who cared for squirrel-foxes (I saw them on the telly, so they exist!) hangs around.

Time for home to open a dram of something over eighteen years old (after all I would not want to encourage underage drinking)

For the rest of the money…a charity here and a charity there.


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