Dear Thomas

Dear Thomas,

I know you don’t know me.

Reading, I see you were nervous and excited about making your first journey over the Channel, not knowing what it would be like on the other side – going to a place you never been before.

Your journey raised a lot of questions and I felt obliged  to answer them, someone should.

The first, your sister Mary – well, she looked after your mum when you left and, though it took sometime, she met someone – George from down the road. By the way, you are an uncle to Andrew and Margaret – they both did fine in life adding another four to the next generation between them and those four went on to create eight to the next generation line. It would take too long to go through the whole family line in this letter plus you have other questions.

Second took a little digging to find out, the score became one – nil which put them out of the top of the league – sorry.

Third, you wondered in your future who would win – the right side won. You might not think that it was worth it when you read the media in between the period when you sent the letter and I got it with all the troubles that continued on in the world. There seems to be a bampot out there trying to ruin it for the rest of us but there are always people out there who have the same spirit as you did, we just have to remember to stand together with them. Eventually we will get it right in the future but what you went over to do that day was a great start. If you hadn’t gone over with the rest of them that day, I fear that the world a darker place taken a lot longer to get people to realise what it is to be human.

I see today a group of your comrades have headed back over seventy years on – one of them was be told that he could go by the nurses but he sneaked off anyway, the local bobbies checked to make sure he was okay and he was fine.

It is a pity that you couldn’t go there today to join them, especially that after making the journey you only saw the beach. They brought you back and put you next to your dad.

When I come down, I will try and look you up at the cemetery so I can hand this letter to you.

Yours faithfully,

A grateful person.


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