I’m Writing While It Rains…

…What a glorious feeling that I am free-typing again…

Decided to put my own little twist with Writing 101 Day Three where I plan to listen to songs on shuffle and type out freely whatever comes through my head over a twenty minute period.

Let me start…

Rolling in The Deep with Adele is my first song with a real good beat to type, keep missing the right letters but what have I missed? Could I had it? Is there something that I am not achieving? I know I am not meeting my full potential but how would I know when I have got there. I do not believe that I have fully missed out as I am aware that no-one can do everything and there are things that I will miss and take it as meant not to be. The only thing is there maybe someone I could have been with from my past but I don’t know – memory a fog.

Whoops, must skip the next track it went straight to my audio plays and I do not think that Episode Three of Spring-heeled Jack counts as a song.

Ah, now that is more like it Lalo Schifrin Mission: Impossible themes – the original series not the films! Let me plan, cut the image, select the crew and get on with the task that is happening. Of course, if any member of the Writing 101 subscribers fails to complete todays assignment the rest of the blogging world will not be aware of the new opportunities they are writing to inform. Great up beat but this timer is counting down, what will the next mission – assignment – be for tomorrow and how do I tackle out more. There is a lot still to do lets move on.

Slaughter with Billy Preston – bang, bang, bang – yeah, smoking fingers –  some shuffle bot knows that I am trying keep this blog with a movie feel and what a beat  – In the lyrics did he just say ‘Edinburgh’ might want to check on that later – this does make me want to drive around in something like a Gran Turismo or a Shelby – straight out of the movies, spinning the wheels around the blocks of New York or down that forgotten route in San Francisco. Just keep on moving, don’t stop! – not even for the gas – ain’t got nothing to do with the lyrics as Preston wants to slaughter, I just want to slaughter the tarmac. Got that great feel and it is brilliant, do not want to get off but up next…

The Lesser of Two Evils from the Witcher OST – guess the bad guy has arrived and there has to be someone to challenge them, full of struggle. Breathe. breathe. Every blow, every hit coming at me but I use the keyboard to strike back, I will not back down – I am going to get past.

Hey everyone, the bad guy is gone – let’s jump into the Vintage Car with We Were Evergreen and dream of being eighteen. A song of K-I-S-S-I-N-G under the tree but for me all the girls ran away – nothing for this guy. Though remember my first car, my first solo drive, my true sense of freedom – no parents – no instructors – no-one but me and the car – a second hand Renault Laguna heading to Edinburgh to the the University. Fading out and the timer tells me no more as Jealously by the Stereophonics kicks on but I must stop.


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