Where I wanna be…

I tried writing another post for the second writing101 assignment on a fictional place taken from one of my favourite films but had to abandon the post (still saved as draft for a possible future post).

Unlike yesterday where I had more time available to myself for the first assignment. Today has been a nightmare, I am further away from the place I want to be at than I have been from months. Due to my job, I had to travel down to another city and the chosen flight had me get up early in the morning after little sleep and come back at a time where I normally start to nod off to rest. To top matters off, I had to travel done with two of my work colleagues keeping with a group so that my organisation could save a few bob.

The work day was poor as I had added little to the big meeting and spending time away from my desk felt that I had not been productive in my role. This left me frustrated and matters got worse. Since the team had not met up for a while some had suggested to go to the bar and get a drink along with plans to have a meal prior to catching the train for the flight. It was my hope that the journey back would give me the opportunity to write the task that I though of when I first read the assignment, alas not.

While in the bar my mood got worse, the nauseating smell of nicotine from a loud group of office folk next to us – some sort of leaving do – put me off wanting to eat. The people I was with started to swap old war stories of the past times in other companies – lost interest fast as I heard these stories before. All I could think about was cooking up the oak smoked bacon with the salad and tomatoes while I would put on a film with gangsters grinning.

We moved to another place to order food but we left ourselves little time due to the retelling of the war stories that by the time we got there the food arrived late so had to wolf it down in order to catch the train then the plane.

On the train, I started to write the assignment but struggled. In the end my mind kept drifting about soft pillows to bury my head in when I got in. It was not until I got on the plane that I wrote a second post to explain the assignment failure – more for myself as usual.

I am now finally at the place I want to be and have pressed the publish button


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