Ready… Steady… Go!

With Writing 101 Unlock the Mind

The timer is counting down while I get writing, no wait, typing for the first assignment as I let the mind flow and the finger pounce randomly onto the keyboard. I have come across this task before in writing classes and though I normally prefer pen to the typing I wanted to focus more on the typing for this task as I plan to make personal observations while I go through it.

The one item I have noticed is the urge to correct while I am going through the words rather than leave mistakes in when I would be physically writing especially as the system gives the red squiggly line of warning that something you have not typed correctly or the green squiggle of are you sure that is what you mean even though it is spelt correctly? It can be both a help and a distraction at the same time.

Anyway the clock is counting down here, tick tock and there ain’t even a mouse going round my stop clock.

Still, why am I writing (typing, whatever), why join this exercise and what do I hope to achieve, I do recall reading that someone had posted in one word what inspires me to write and it would have to be for improvement as I do want to better myself. I have said it in previous posts that I wasnae any good at English during my skool daze. Through my work and personal time, I have found that writing can be both a pleasure and, if used correctly, a powerful method to getting things done using clear and precise meaning in reports.

Though this does have the dependancy that the reader will understand your writing.

Continuing on as that clock is more of a distraction with its tick tock.

I want to try and achieve something that got me to sign up over two years ago – my original goal. To write about the whole ten days of the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) where as in the past I get stuck half way due to my previous challenges of doing too much and saying too much.

Even though I have failed in the past to complete this goal, I will succeed this time. I am not going to give up and I WILL write/type for the days leading up to it and going through it – even if it means writing TIME PASSES in a post by my typed words acting as my bond I will do it. I will combine the writing 101 with the EIFF, two goals for the price of one this month!

Okay, this exercise is going all over the place now still isn’t that the point – to let the mind wander along with the fingers and pen (and the leaky brainpan).

Hmmm, do seem to like repeating the word ‘still’ in this post.

Anyway, I notice that it is now five, four, three, two, one….buzzer out time. Gosh twenty minutes already?


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