A snapshot of a previous EIFF


Using today’s daily prompt for the next item to write about and searched around my old albums with one change – I looked for something I took at a previous EIFF event to write about.

Above is a very poor quality image taken with a live interview of Elliott Gould that I attended as an audience member two years back.

The interview was great despite having Elliott Gould come in immediately after his flight and the effects of jet lag were upon him as he battered through the questions being asked by the interviewer and other audience members. While I did take a photo of the event, I never used it for several reasons:

The first is that it is a poor image due to not using a flash taken while the interview was going.

The second is that I had never gotten round to writing up about the event due to doing too much that year.

The third (and most important), even if this image was cleaned up and sharp it still does not show the actor in a positive image compared to something I witnessed a few days later. While sitting in at the bar in the Cameo waiting for my next screening, I noticed Elliott Gould come out of another screening with a host of other EIFF guests. He was a different person to the one I had witnessed at the interview for this Elliott Gould was more juvenile, trying to get the other guests excited with that same excitement – definitely not the fighting-jet-lag-and-still-answering-questions from the last time I saw him.

I never took a photo of that moment at he walked past me in the bar (along with the other guests) and I rarely take photos as the memory are more stronger to me of the events. It did make for a great feeling at my second year of the EIFF as how close do you get to the people on screen when he walked right past me in the bar.

In addition, the not-photographed event encouraged me to see his film Fred that was being shown.

Here is to the upcoming event and to the not-knowing who I might see this year.


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