Girl In The Blue Scarf

“She must break into property, beat up a guy in a wheelchair, abuse her work privilages, deal with family issues and get her boss’s coffee order right – all in order to catch a criminal!’

This is the book that I would like to write is based upon an idea spurned from a mixture of crime and masked pulp heroes in modern day world. I had attempted to write it as part of the NaNoWriMo project but abandoned it part way through as I wanted to improve my writing skills first.

Before you consider pressing the ‘like’ button, I am curious – would you be interested in reading (not purchase) such a tale based solely from this little blurb – please comment below.


25 thoughts on “Girl In The Blue Scarf

    • Not really, aim was light heart (or dark humour) – though now that I have had a chance to re-read the blurb and the scene that I wrote, it would be better to rephrase that to escape than beat up. Another item to add to my use of words, thanks for comment

  1. what you wrote has potential, maybe elaborate a little more, as I see her kind of like a female version of a superhero at the moment,you know, the ones with a secret identity? If a Superman/split personality heroine was what you where going for with that, and you would word the concept a little different, I think you do have an interesting story. Good luck and keep us updated!

    • Thank you for the comment. My Blue Scarf heroine in mind is more reliant on skills than super powers also falling into the middle class worker than rich to afford gadget type. She (and the other characters around her) still remain of great interest to me so there will be more to write about them in future.

  2. I would read this story based on the blurb, I am a sucker for crime/detective/mystery type stories and this one feels as though it would have a quick witted, and occasional smart mouthed lead which is always fun. The blurb itself draws you in, though I did get a little tripped up on the very beginning “She must break into property,…” I understood of course what you were implying but it felt off somehow (not being a writer myself I have nothing to offer as a suggestion). I hope you pick the story back up 🙂

    • Mystery and crime were a great influence to the creation of the story. Again, the quick witted and humour (of the Scots variant) play a role in the story.
      Agree with you on the beginning of that blurb which does not sound right though I will leave it as is for now as something to work on in the future.
      Thank you for the comment.

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