EIFF Day 5 – Monsters University (3D)

Monsters University (2013) Poster

If there was an event that was going to be popular for the Edinburgh International Film Festival would a Pixar release. I cannot spend a lot of time on the film as there will be plenty of better reviews that could take you through the film.


Prior to seeing the film there was a magnificent build when I walked into the Festival Theatre where Pixar, Mackies of Scotland and the festival staff put on a great show for the kids. With free ice cream (I tried to grab some myself but they were always out of reach as the staff get bending lower for the littler kids than me) on offer followed by a chance for kids to get their photo taken with Sully and Mike themselves.

The Blue Umbella

Like many Pixar there is a short animation that is beautifully shot and contains a packed bundle of emotions through the expressions of objects with a few thrills.

Monster University

This prequel was cleverly told on when Mike met Sully allowing a good mix of jokes for both adults and kids and doesn’t get dull. The film brings back some familiar faces along with some new ones.

If you think you can get the plot from the trailers then think again as Pixar do some misdirection as not to spoil the film viewing.

The animation is clear and colourful that keeps it pleasing to the eye with the smooth motion and well paced motion.

Unfortunately, while the film looked great the 3D didn’t get used effectively for the film or immerse the viewer in the style.


Rating 4 out 5 Stars

Great prequel that doesn’t need you to know what the original film is like if you haven’t seen it with plenty of humour for kids and adults

Lesson Learned…and not

One thing that caught my attention on the atmosphere was that when compared to last years screening of Brave in 3D at the Festival Theatre where it was a shambles getting the glasses, it was better prepared for the collection even if a little cluttered in trying to get the glasses.

Then there is the failed lesson, I had warned people at there is a bit at the end of Brave after the credit, well again many people left after Monsters University while the credits rolled missing out on the scene at the end.


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