EIFF Day 5 – Magic Magic


I was going to go home but I decided to see one last film, the film selection was based on a recommendation on what to watch by the Edinburgh International Film Festival staff (I asked them to pick me one).

Magic Magic

The story of an American teenager spending her vacation with her cousin and her cousin’s tightly group of friends on a remote Chilean island. Alicia (Juno Temple) has only stepped off the plane before having to head straight to the island suffering from lack of sleep. Before reaching the island, her cousin has to leave Alicia with the rest of the group that she has no connection with and a feeling of isolation begins to offset paranoia. A series of events and continuing sleep deprivation do not help her as she falls into a spiral between reality and dreamlike state.

Juno Temple provides a wonderful performance of her character’s mental descent but it is Michael Cura that pinches the scenes by providing light entertainment in preventing this film from coming too bleak. The film give Michael Cura the opportunity to show that he can add depth to his character providing some scenes that when his character slowly comes to release his role in impacting Alicia’s descent.

There are many scenes that help portray Alicia’s madness with out of focus background with people staring at her and switching between misinterpretations on how she sees people laughing at her rather than being concerned about it.

Sadly, Magic Magic plot seems to cast a spell around the spiral of mental stability, unfortunately it is let down by its ending which suggests that there wasn’t a direction or thought on how to bring Alicia’s journey to an end.


Rating: 3 out 5 Stars

Good performances from Juno Temple and Michael Cura but let down by an unsatisfying ending.

Would Recommend

Given that this was the first time I took a film suggestion from the staff, while it wasn’t a great film due to the way it ended but the choice was a good one, especially as I might not have picked the film in my list. I would possibly ask them again as I have a couple of more between films for the rest of the fest.


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