EIFF Day 4 – The Bling Ring

Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring is based on the true events of a group of teenagers that robs celebrities houses. Described as ‘shocking’ and ‘funny’, these were two words you won’t find that fit the film.

The start of the film is misgiving to think that there is some sort of intelligence to the groups motives but this is misleading when you are introduced to them and find that there is a nothingness behind their motivations. This plays repetitively through out the film as each crime is committed until they are finally caught.

The characterisation is let down even further with little dialogue in the script, half of it containing ‘OMG’, ‘wow’ and ‘Yo B*tch’

Sofia Coppolla fills the montage of crimes and celebration with slow mo extended scenes played over rap music which already rapidly dates this film. The celeb culture of LA portrayed in this film alienates most of the audience unless you follow the celebs.


Rating 2 out of 5 Stars

Soulless characterisation with poor dialogue shot over extended scenes makes for poor viewing, one for the celebrity obsessives only.

Sofia Coppolla Influence

While I did not enjoy this, I could not help notice that there were a couple of younger film goers where one was clutching a copy of Marie Antoinette show that she has some influence to a younger generation than myself, then again they could just be obsessives planning to rob Sofia’s house.


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