EIFF Day 4 – Beijing Flickers


Beijing Flickers set around San Bao (Duan Bowen) who gets off to a bad start w hen his dog ‘Lucky’ runs away which triggers a series of bad events of losing his job, his girlfriend is pregnant with a rich guy that she leaves him for and fails at suicide by standing on the wrong track of an on-coming train.

Eventually, San Bao ends up at a bar getting so drunk and depressed, he starts to eat the glass and ruin his jaw. It’s that the film kicks off with the film as San Bao soon acquires a band of misfits who also share their experiences of the city that they inhabit. These characters are a poetic straight transvestite, his best friend working as a doorman driving fast cars and the female singer of a band. She shares a flat with two other female characters – a office worker going out with a married man and a barmaid with a past of her own.

While all the other characters having lines, Duan Bowen plays San Bao as a mute for the duration of the film relying on body acting to convey his emotions of the character. This give the feeling that the director creates a homage to the silent era of comedic actors like Buster Keaton.

Zhang Yuan takes many of the scenes with deadpan humour as all characters go through the challenges of not gain this prosperity on the riches in the city.


Rating 3 out 5 Stars

Good deadpan humour but too many characters don’t allow a depth on how the city impacts on them as they go through life.


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