EIFF Day 4 – Stories We Tell


It is the first time I have taken up the free ticket event as a Filmhouse member. The screening was Stories We Tell and they picked a winner.

Roll it

The film tells the story of Sarah Polley’s investigation (or interrogation as it is sometimes put) into the history of her family especially around what her mother was like as she passed away when Sarah was only eleven.

The journey makes use of multiple narrative contributed from the other family members especially of her father providing a larger slice of witty memories. With such a large number of people contributing to the story, each bringing their own perspective of truth, it is cleverly pieced together providing a neat balance to the overall story.

Sarah’s story starts at a chronological order from when her mother met her father but as the journey moves on to a point that starts as a family joke, it then becomes a detective story for the truth which looks back to her mother’s life before meeting her father and extension to other members that played a role to who Sarah is today.

The film uses documentary for the interviewing style combined with the home footage and reconstructed scenes on Super 8 layered over the multiple narrative that really immerses the viewer into the story and into the family.


Rating: 5 out 5 Stars

Clever editing and use of footage strikes a neat balance of an extended family where the viewer becomes immersed on the journey allowing them to draw to their own conclusion of a truth.

Auld Wives Gossip

One of the amazing things about this film was how much it still stayed with audience members as I made my way from the screening to the bar each making their own opinion on who was right and whose story it is really about. Oh, it wasn’t just the wives there were the blokes too.


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