EIFF Day 3 – The Deep


The Deep is inspired by true events of one man’s (Gulli) survival of swimming over six hours swimming and two hours walking over frozen, jagged ground to reach his home town after the fishing vessel he was on sinks.

On With The Film

There are actually three stories being told about the reluctant hero Gulli.

The first part is around the event of the sinking where prior to shipping out, the viewer gets an impression of Gulli’s shipmates including his best friend and the new cook. Then it continues after each have met their fate, it focuses on the amazing journey he makes back to land while his thoughts drift back to the past and talking to seagulls for company

After his journey, the film moves to the second story where Gulli tries to help a scientist understand his miraculous survival so that he could perhaps get some answers on why he and not his fellow crew mates survive.

There is a third story hidden in the film told through segments of flashback throughout the film that looks back on Gulli’s childhood, friendship and the night of the eruption on the island when he was a child. This third story gives the viewer a background glimpse of Gulli.

The Deep has some breathtaking views with its camera work both above and under the water. It even switches to that old home movie reel when Gulli has a flashback to his past or in one case what he prays for if he survives.

Though it appears dim, it is never bleak and there is even something respectful about when we see the crew mates go down one by one.

The style of camera work gives a setting of time giving the viewer when this might actually had happened


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A miraculous story about a reluctant man’s survival with clever usage of camera work to aid feel of the film and it’s time.

Icelandic Fisherman vs. The SBS

There is one scene in the film that I liked where it adds a little humour when Gulli is being tested to help understand how he survived in a naval testing clinic in London along with three fit special forces marines. It shows that we shouldn’t always judge people on their appearances and fitness alone.


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