Whits in a name?

So this post is about where I got my name from, not my user name but my real name.

It was my brothers who ended giving me the name I have. During the time I was being a nuisance to my mother, my brothers were looked after by my grandmother who used to tell them auld tales of “Robert the Bruce”.

One of the auld rhymes where Robert the Bruce fought with Henry de Bohun. It was told to my brothers and later to me like this:

Robert and de Bohun
Were fighting fer the croon
Robert took a swing wit his axe
And knocked de Bohun doon!

There is also the well known story of Robert the Bruce and the Spider which serves as a reminder to “try, try again until you succeed”.

So when I came into world (still not apologising to the world for my existence), my brothers came in with a yellow teddy bear. My parents asked them what I should be called, they replied “Bruce” because they already decided to call the teddy bear “Robert”.

Yet, would I change it – Not on your life!


6 thoughts on “Whits in a name?

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