Dae ye ken whit I am talkin’ aboot?

Alright, hae ye a’ doing? I wis readin’ some o these ither folks works an’ it wis guid tae see tha’ many o them embraced this wee challenge wit the spirit it deserved! Sae I thought tae gie it a gae.
The real problem tha’ I hae is tae find somethin’ tae write aboot. Sae, I just started tae type awa’ tae see whit would come oot.
Ye probably worked oot tha’ I’m Scottish but nae tha’ I hail frae Auld Reekie!
Wan thin’ I noticed in these sentences wis whit a right scunner autocorrect wis. See hauf the stuff it wis tryin’ tae suggest wid make ye want tae gie it a skelp ower the back of its heid if it were a body an’ winder if their mithers ken whit their were sayin’ tae folk like ye an’ me!
Anyhoo, I git tae thinkin’ aboot hoo a language changes when ye move aboot even when yer were growin’ up as a wean. Ye change wit yer environment an’ surroundin’ sae ye can fit in. Yet, buried in ye is a wee piece o yer native tongue wit ye as it is the thing these customs guys cannae tak frae ye or yer granmaw an’ granpaw wha probably taugh’ ye the lingo. Plus yer are free tae use it ony time ye like.
Oor language an’ the way we talk is a mark o oor individuality an’ it is somethin’ tha’ we’re aw proud tae hae, nae matter wha we aw are an’ hoo we say it!
Well, ye will be fair chuffed tha’ I am gonna stop no’ tae gie yer heid a rest tryin’ tae work oot whit I jist seid leavin’ wan thin’ tae say below.
Daeing this wee challenge has been braw! If yer are still sittin’ on the fence decidin’ tae gie this a gae, dae sae! There ain’ naething tae be feart aboot an’ yer probably gonna like it!

3 thoughts on “Dae ye ken whit I am talkin’ aboot?

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